Waste News

UK Battery Selling Regulations

Are you turned on to UK battery selling regulations? If your business sells or supplies more than 32 kg of batteries a year, then you need to offer a free takeback service for batteries. This will apply to many businesses who might not think they are big suppliers of batteries, as selling an average of one packet of 4 AA batteries each day would mean that you had sold 32kg. Read More

What Skip Size Do I Need?

Skips come in a range of different sizes. It can be difficult to know which one to order, but when in doubt it is good practice select one size larger to make sure there is sufficient room for the job at hand. The following is a guide to the different sizes available: Read More

Recycling Great for Reputation

Small and large businesses can gain a number of benefits from recycling waste. Some of these benefits are explained in this article, however, bear in mind that recycling uses energy so your priority should be to minimise waste rather than reuse it. Read More