Why Skip Hire is Still Best for Bulk Waste

While hiring a skip has been the traditional method of large-scale waste removal for individuals, a number of alternative options have become available. Due to tight restrictions from local councils, busier roads and a larger urban population, skips have become seen by some to be impractical or infeasible. This has lead to a surge of companies offering new services for those in need of effective rubbish clearance.

Skip bags are presented as a means to replace a cumbersome metal skip with a lightweight and portable option. The skip bag is ordered or bought in a shop, filled with refuse and then collected by the company from outside the home. While these bags are useful for those who cannot obtain council clearance for a skip, they are only suitable for a restricted amount of rubbish. The bags suffer from a lack of practicality, as all waste will need to fit into a small space with a low weight threshold. Furthermore, if a customer's waste needs change, the skip bag option leaves little room for change and may mean an additional bag being required, potentially meaning added wait times and a more expensive service than a skip hire.

Wait and load skips are another method intended to circumvent council by-laws regarding the placement of skips on public roads and pathways. The company provides a skip roadside which can then be filled, while the lorry waits. Once all refuse is collected in the skip, the waiting employees will then remove the skip. While this style of refuse management does avoid the necessity of applying for a council license, it can be an inflexible method. A HGV will still require access to the property, but without the advantage of being able to fill the skip at your leisure, meaning that wait and load services can be impracticable for some projects that take time, such as house clearance or renovation.

Finally, rubbish removal services are a clearance waste management option. A team of employees arrive at a residence in a lorry and remove waste. While, again, this method removes the need for council purposes, it will lack flexibility. The company will judge the price after arriving at a property, meaning that costs could be significantly higher than expected. Traditional skip hire offers a flat rate and pre-arranged time-scale that can make all the difference for those with ongoing projects or uncertain deadlines.

While alternatives to traditional skip hire have become widespread, and can offer a decent service to those who believe they are unable to hire a skip, skip hire offers a combination of flat price, choice of size and practicality that means they are still the best option for a large number of individuals requiring waste removal.