Teamagic Waste & Refuse

There's more to waste removal than putting out your green and black bags for the council to collect once a fortnight. If you're producing bulk waste or hazardous waste then getting rid of it can be a real head scratcher. Teamagic are here to help. Follow our advice to make your rubbish disappear - just like magic!

Hazardous waste

Obviously hazardous waste covers more than just barrels of green radioactive goo, but you might be surprised at just how much waste is classed as hazardous. Generally, waste that contains materials that are harmful or likely to cause harm to human beings or the environment are categorised as hazardous. This can cover all manner of things from asbestos right down to solvents and oil based products. If your business' premises either produces more than 500 kilograms of waste that is considered hazardous in any given 12 month period you will have to register that premises with the government. They will then monitor you to make sure it is being handled and disposed of correctly, which you can do by following the instructions on our Hazardous Waste Management page. To do this you'll need some form of hazardous waste management service.


You'd be forgiven for forgetting that batteries are bulk waste if you hadn't given it much thought, but if you sell or supply even one pack of four AA batteries a day on a consistent basis you are required by UK law to offer a free takeback service on those premises. Find out what kind of help is available to you as a seller of batteries in terms receiving facilities to accept those batteries, and passing on all these dead batteries for recycling on our news pages.

Bulk waste

While the council can be contacted to pick up large domestic waste items such as sofas of tables, if you're doing any major home improvements that will generate a lot of waste, you're going to want to hire a skip. There are now plenty of alternatives to skip hire for smaller bulk wastes, which are sometimes cheaper and almost always more finicky. We say that for a wide range of large and heavy load capacities, and the ability to fill it largely at your own pace make skip hire the long-standing best choice for removing bulk waste.

With that settled you'll need to know exactly what size skip you need for your project, and what size skip you can accommodate. For information on how to work this out visit our news pages.


The subjects covered above are all need to know for the running of your business, but why stop there. Recycling can save your business money and work wonders when incorporated into your business brand and image. In the UK it can earn your business green credentials such as ISO 14000.